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Rental Agreement

Below is a copy of our Rental Agreement.  This agreement can be electronically signed after booking or it can be returned to our office prior to check-in. You can also email the agreement to villarentals@northshore-vacationrentals.com or Fax to (512) 590-8716.

Please call our office at (512) 267-4887 if you have any questions.

North Shore Vacation Rentals FOR ALL GUESTS STAYING AT ANY ONE OF OUR PROPERTIES (you may be requested to sign an additional addendum depending on the property address in which you stay)


RENTAL AGREEMENT for North Shore Vacation Rentals

The accommodations offered to Renters are residential condominium apartments owned by individual Unit Owners who opt to participate in an independent Rental Program managed by North Shore Vacation Rentals, (the “Renter Operator”). The Rules & Regulations are taken from the Use provisions of the Condominium Documents, restrictions of the individual Unit Owners, and the operating guidelines of the Rental Operator.

North Shore Vacation Rentals is an independent operation and not a hotel accommodation.  Each residence may have its own restrictions; however, the Rental Operator uses reasonable judgment in protecting the Residence and integrity of the Rental Program. Therefore, Renters are required to email or sign a “Rental Policy Agreement” acknowledging they are aware of and agree to the Rules and Regulations of the Rental Program which are strictly enforced by the Rental Operator.

Reservations made on the internet or reception office must be confirmed electronically or in writing by Rental Operator to be valid. Management reserves the right to relocate Renters.

Rates posted on the Internet and Rate Schedule are based on “Maximum Occupancy” per Residence. Such Rates are subject to change without notice.Lake Travis is a non-constant level lake. Lake levels will rise and fall depending on season, rain fall, etc. Condo’s are priced accordingly with current view in mind, as well as other factors such as bedding accommodations. Wifi is in common areas only. (North Pool, and Indoor Pool and Spa.) Not offered in individual condo’s.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY & VIOLATION PENALTIES – Maximum Occupancy of each unit is very serious and therefore strictly enforced. Renters who exceed Maximum Occupancy will be charged a $200 fine per additional person to the credit card on file, along with termination of the rental. Maximum Occupancy is as follows; One Bedroom condo is allowed to sleep up to 3, a Two Bedroom Condo is allowed to sleep up to 6, a Three Bedroom Condo is allowed to sleep up to 9. Not all condos have sleeping accommodations for 3 per bedroom. Please check the website or contact a rental agent for details. Individuals in excess of Maximum Occupancy are deemed to be trespassers and treated accordingly.

By issuing payment (Cash,Check,Credit Card), Renter acknowledges he or she has read the “Rental Policies” and agrees to be bound to its Terms and Conditions.

RESERVATION PAYMENTS: Reservations made more than 30 day’s prior to the Arrival Date require a 50% refundable deposit payment. Reservations made within 30 days of the Arrival Date require non-refundable 100% payment in full. Total rent must be paid in full 30 days prior to the Arrival Date, or management has the right to cancel the reservation and renter will forfeit their entire deposit and reservation. There are no reductions in rates. Change of dates are subject to availability and not guaranteed.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT: A $500 Damage deposit will be added to the guest’s credit card if damage to the unit or property is found. Damage/Security deposits collected on long term stay’s will returned within 7 days of departure if the unit is left in satisfactory condition. There will be a $50 fine for each hour of administrative/staff time to determine damages or otherwise deal with incidents.

CANCELLATIONS/CHANGES: Cancellations made within 30 DAYS PRIOR to the Arrival Date automatically causes forfeiture of Renters deposits, payments and reservation. In the event the Residence is re-rented, Management will return 100% of the forfeited Rental amount and a $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellation notices must be in writing, email, or fax. As an option to Cancellation, please consider a “Change of Date”. If there are less than 30 days prior to your arrival date, no changes to unit/property can be made.

CHECK IN TIME is 4:00pm

CHECK OUT TIME is 11:00am. Late Check-Outs will be charged the greater of $500.00 or rental loss.

CHECK-OUT: Upon check out, we ask that soiled towels be placed in bathtub, and bed linens stripped and left ontop of beds. All garbage must be sacked and tied in trash bags that are provided, and taken to trash chute locations. Dishes must be in the dishwasher and clean cycle started. The charge for leaving dirty dishes or loose garbage in the condo is $100.00.

VEHICLES/TRAILERS: One parking space is permitted for each 1 bedroom condo rented and 2 parking spaces for each 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom condo. Additional cars must be pre-approved prior to Check-In. There are marked “Guest Parking” spaces thru out the garage that are available to use as well. All vehicles are to park only in assigned spots. Parking in any other parking could result in the vehicle being towed at renter’s expense. No mobile sleeping units, such as campers, may be used at the Island for cooking, sleeping, or any other purpose other than transportation. Trailers must be parked in designated areas only. Vehicle owners park at their own risk, and Management assumes no responsibility or liability for damage or loss of the Renters vehicle(s) and or contents therein. The assigned parking space must be vacated at 11:00am on the Date of Departure. Unauthorized Guest vehicles will receive “WARNING” sticker and or towed at the discretion of Property Management at vehicle owner’s expense.

SUBLET: Renter may not sublet residence or assign the rental agreement without written consent of Management.

CHILDREN: The residences and property do not have accommodations for children under the age of 3 years old. Cribs, Play pens, Pack and Plays, Strollers, etc are not provided.

FIRE & CASUALTY: If residence becomes uninhabitable by reason of fire, explosion or by other casualty, Management may terminate rental agreement in order to repair damages.

RIGHT OF ACCESS: Management shall have the right of access to rental for repair and maintenance during reasonable hours. In the event of an emergency, Management may enter at any time to protect life and prevent damage to the property. If condo is listed for sale, Management may enter during reasonable hours for showing, but shall notify guests prior to doing so.

USE: Rental shall be used so as to comply with state, county and municipal laws and ordinances. Renter shall not use rental or permit it to be used for any disorderly or unlawful purpose or in any manner so as to interfere with other resident’s quiet enjoyment of their residence. Any misuse described above shall result in termination of Rental Agreement and no refund of any payments will be issued. Quiet hours begin at 8pm and end at 8 a. m. quiet hours must be respected and are strictly enforced. The first noise complaint will result in a warning. Second in a $100 fine and third in LVPD called, reservation terminated with no Refund and escorting off property by LVPD. Guests can and will be fined for any failure to comply. If the LVPD are called additional action and fees will apply. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE ANY CONTRACT WITHOUT REFUND IF THESE GUIDE LINES ARE NOT FOLLOWED.

POOLS/HOT TUBS: Lifeguards are not in attendance. Children under the age of 16 years of age are not allowed in pool or hot tub unless accompanied by an adult. Diving, running, or jumping is not allowed. Large rafts are not permitted in pools. No more than five people allowed in a hot tub at one time. No cigarette smoking in the pool or hot tubs. No glass items allowed in pool area. If found with glass containers or cigarettes /tobacco products, you will be fined $1000. Proper attire is required. The outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs and pool areas are closed at 10 p.m. and quiet time is observed and enforced between 8:00 p. m. and 8:00 a. m. Please see posted hours for the indoor pool. NO GLASS ALLOWED AT ANY POOL AREA. FINES WILL BE ENFORCED. Pool hours are subject to change. $500 fine for each individual/incident of jumping off the lion statues into the north pool.  

SKATING: The Use of Roller Skates, Skateboards, and Roller Blades are not allowed on Property.

BALCONIES: Please do not hang towels or any clothing from the railings either in front of the unit or on balcony. Please make every effort to keep walkways and the entrance area to your unit neat and orderly. All pool/lake accessories, ice chests, shoes and trash may not be left at the front door entrance. NSVR is not liable for any items on balcony or walk way.There is a $500 fine for each object thrown from a balcony, and each individual jumping from a balcony.  

BARBECUE GRILLS: Are located on the Northeast end on the Island adjacent to the parking lot for trailers and watercraft. You must provide your own charcoal; any use of personal grills is in violation of fire code and subject to a fine. No grilling allowed on balconies unless your villa has a propane grill provided.

PROPERTY LOSS: Management shall not be liable for damage to renter’s property of any type, for any reason or cause whatsoever.

PETS: No pets allowed unless prior approval received from Rental office and pet policy along with payment are received; please contact your rental agent for details. You must pick up after pets and all pets must be on a leash at all times. Failure to pick up after a pet or not on a leash will result in a fine.

ADDITIONAL GUESTS: If a Renter has a guest visiting during the day the guest must be accompanied while on property by signer of this document at all times. $25 fine for each night a unit has more than 3 persons per bedroom.  

INDEMNIFICATION: Renter releases management from liability for and agrees to indemnify Management against losses, incurred by Management as a result of (a) Renter’s failure to fulfill any condition of this agreement; (b) any damage or injury happening in or about rental or premises to renter’s invitees or licensees or such person’s property; (c) Renter’s Failure to comply with any requirements imposed by any governmental authority; and (d) any judgment, lien, or other encumbrances filed against renter as a result of renter’s action.

FAILURE OF MANAGEMENT TO ACT: Failure of Management to insist upon compliance with the terms of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any violation.

RESPONSIBLE PARTY / MISREPRESENTATION: The name on this agreement is responsible for payment and the actions of all occupants. The responsible party must be at least 25 years of age and be present during the entire rental period. Any misrepresentations regarding the age of responsible party or the number of occupants/guests in the party will result in immediate cancellation of reservation, removal from property, and forfeiture of the full rental amount.

SMOKING: Smoking not permitted inside any of the Villas, the pools, courtyards, or on the boat dock/marina. However, smoking is permitted on individual unit patios, but proper disposal is required. Failure to comply will result in termination of this agreement, violation charge of $500.00, and ZERO refund will be issued.

REFUNDS: There will be no refunds for weather, except mandatory evacuations. In the event of mandatory evacuation, the pro-rata share of the rental charge will be refunded. There will be no refund or rebates given due to the malfunctioning or breakdown of appliances, air conditioning, television, telephone, computer, or any other property equipment or services. If for any reason we are unable to deliver the property to you for the rental period contracted (i.e. the home is damaged by act of God) we shall refund your money in full.

REPAIRS: When you check in or during your stay, if you discover anything not in working order, please notify us immediately. We will correct it as soon as possible.

GARBAGE CHUTES: Building 1: walkway near Unit #1117, #1212, and #1317 Building 2: walkway near Unit #2112, #2212, and #2312 Building 3: walkway near Unit #3110, #3210 and #3310
Fines enforced for trash left outside of unit of $100

MISCELLANEOUS: Before departure,dishes are to be loaded into dishwasher, and machine started. All trash to be disposed of into garbage chutes. Any dirty dishes or trash left out in unit will result in a fine. Any cost for additional cleaning will be documented and charged to Renter. All furniture is to be left in place as found upon arrival. If any furniture must be moved back (rugs, sofas, sofa sleepers, etc), it may also result in a fine.  Pillows, linens and some blankets, 4 bath towel set per bathroom and toilet tissue provided. Pool towels are not provided. We are not a hotel, Please review the items to bring listed on our website. Locked closets are the property of unit owners and are not to be entered under any conditions. If upon arrival you discover any damage to the property or owner’s locked closet, notify our office immediately. The property shall be inspected after your departure. If damage does occur in the unit, please report immediately. Any damages unreported but discovered during departure inspection will be charged to Renter.
We reserve the right to refuse service.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement and any attached addendum constitute the entire agreement between the parties and no oral statements shall be binding. It is the intention of the parties herein that if any of this rental agreement is invalid, for any reason, such invalidity shall not void the rental agreement.

Emergency Number: If you have an after hour emergency, please call 1-877-989-6277 If it is a medical or criminal emergency please call 911.

I have read, understand and agree to the above terms of this agreement:

X______________________________________________ X________________________________________ Date_______________
Signature/Print Name

RESERVATION number:__________________LICENSE PLATE: ___________________ BOAT REGISTRATION # ______________________

Please fax this document signed to 512-590-8716 or you may scan and email to villarentals@northshore-vacationrentals.com.  Thank you!